Clues to hip issues found in MRI scans

Posterior Crescent Sign Study

Important clinical research conducted at Auckland Radiology Group (ARG) has been published in the international medical journal Skeletal Radiology, the premier repository for research in the cutting-edge field of musculoskeletal imaging. The study, entitled “The Posterior Crescent Sign on MRI and MR Arthrography”, was supervised by ARG specialist radiologist Dr Rebecca Woodward with Auckland-based training registrar Dr Andrew MacDonald as primary author, in conjunction with local and international experts. The researchers reviewed over 1,500 MRI and X-ray studies performed at ARG to further assess the hip joint and its appearances on imaging, particularly for young adults in sports-related settings and those with hip joint pain. The research focused on the so-called ‘posterior crescent sign’, a finding on MRI scans that may be an indicator of a misshapen, damaged or unstable hip joint as cause of pain or other symptoms in the hip. Through this work, it was discovered that this sign can be seen in 3.5% of people with symptomatic hip joints and is associated with features of hip damage and instability, and therefore could be an important clue for radiologists assessing people with hip problems. 

I am privileged to have completed this research project with ARG, who have supported me with the high-quality MRI imaging and access to expertise in the field needed for this important work.

The calibre of this research, in collaboration with local clinical specialists such as orthopaedic surgeons, puts ARG at the forefront of the field of musculoskeletal and sports-related medicine which helps people with injuries and joint problems to get the most out of life.

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