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ARG uses state-of-the-art imaging services designed to make your experience as stress-free as possible.
We constantly update equipment as new technologies develop, so you can be confident that your results are the best available, anywhere in Auckland. Our staff will ensure you understand your procedures, so you feel reassured and comfortable throughout your visit.



MRI looks in detail at specific parts of the body, e.g. soft tissue, bone, fat, muscles and organs. It produces detailed images, which can help your radiologist make an accurate diagnosis. It's considered to be very safe.

Available at 5 locations across Auckland

CT Scan / Cat Scan


CT images give insight into the structure and workings of a particular area. They are used by radiologists to diagnose a range of conditions, or for assistance in diagnosing other procedures. It is considered to be very safe and painless.

Available at 3 locations across Auckland



Ultrasound is used for obstetric images during a pregnancy, as well as for scanning a wide range of body parts and conditions. Ultrasound doesn’t use radiation and is considered completely safe for children and during pregnancy.

Available at 13 locations across Auckland

Obstetric Ultrasound / Pregnancy Scan

Obstetric Ultrasound

An obstetric or pregnancy scan, uses high frequency sound waves that bounce off your baby and internal organs. We record these and display the images in real time on a monitor. Ultrasound doesn’t use radiation and is considered completely safe during pregnancy.

Available at 13 locations across Auckland



X-rays show the structure of your bones and some organs by passing beams through your body. This allows radiologists to detect abnormalities. Our technology creates a digital image immediately, meaning faster diagnosis and treatment. It's considered safe and painless.

Available at 14 locations across Auckland

Immigration X-Ray

Immigration X-ray

If you’ve been told you need a chest x-ray with your NZ visa application, we can help. We are on Immigration NZ’s list of accepted physicians. Our x-ray technology generates a digital image immediately, and then our radiologist will write a report for your doctor or Immigration NZ.

Available at 7 locations across Auckland

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