Phone: 09 298 4106
Fax: 09 297 7622


8:30am - 9:00pm
Monday - Friday

9:00am - 9:00pm
Saturday - Sunday and Public Holidays

*** On weekends, public holidays and after 5pm on weeknights only xrays are available.

Please contact us if you need to discuss options for other scans during these times ***

Christmas Hours:
Friday 21st December 8:30am - 9pm
Saturday 22nd December 3pm - 9pm
Sunday 23rd December 3pm - 9pm
Monday 24th December (Christmas Eve) 8:30am - 7:30pm
Tuesday 25th December (Christmas Day) Closed
Wednesday 26th December (Boxing Day) 3pm - 9pm
Thursday 27th December 8:30am - 9pm
Friday 28th December 8:30am - 9pm
Saturday 29th December 3pm - 9pm
Sunday 30th December 3pm - 9pm
Monday 31st December 8:30am - 7:30pm
Tuesday 1st January (New Years Day) 3pm - 9pm
Wednesday 2nd January 3pm - 9pm
Thursday 3rd January 8:30am - 9pm
Friday 4th January 8:30am - 9pm
Saturday 5th January 3pm - 9pm
Sunday 6th January 3pm - 9pm


6-18 O'Shannessey Street
New Zealand


  • Obstetric Ultrasound
  • Ultrasound
  • Xray